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Potrait of Thibaut Ottomer smiling in the garden wearing a grey T-shirt


Welcome to my world of Liberty Coaching! 


The reason you are here is that you probably already have an OK life, but you could use some extra spark, upgrade, or joy to it. If so, keep on reading!

  • You tend to please and take care of others and this means putting yourself last.

  • You are living an OK life; you have a job, a house, and a stable life but you want to get more out of it you just don’t know what, where or how.

  • You are a master in keeping yourself busy. You feel often impatient, frustrated, or overwhelmed as you are not as productive as you want to be although you are ambitious and a hard worker

  • You are not showing yourself fully because you worry about what others might think of you.

  • You feel lonely when you are home alone as you don´t know how to do nothing and enjoy yourself because you are always around other people.

If you recognize yourself in one of the above then you have just identified your need for a change. If you would like to talk about it, go ahead and book your free coaching call so we can get you into action with clarity, energy and confidence to go for the life you want!

Green leaf plant
  • You know a lot about the self-development theory but you don’t seem able to apply it in your own life. You just can’t make any big decisions or get yourself into action. You need someone to pull you to go and jump to feel free. Free to do whatever it is you want.


blue ocean water, beach shore during the day time
sand and waves at the beach
blue and green ocean water with blue skies

You want a change but you can´t make a decision as you don’t know where to go?

Are you wondering who you truly are? Not the pre-pandemic you but the new you of today?

Do you feel frustrated with some people or situations in your life and you cannot seem to solve them?

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