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Potrait of Thibaut Ottomer out in the park wearing black T-shirt and smiling at the camera
  • Your company is doing well on the outside but your employees inside seem to lose motivation.

  • The absence rate is costing you a lot of money each year and you know it´s not Covid related.

  • Working remotely is the new way of working yet you feel you lose control of your team and can’t seem to get your people working closely together.

  • You give your employees a lot of benefits but they don´t seem to see the benefits of it.

  • You wish your brand image is lived by your employees.

  • You want your employees to express their struggles before they go on sick leave and create an open and safe space to share.

  • You aim to work remotely or at the office to have the same effectiveness rate, if not better.

Working together with me as your personalized company coach will give you, your employees and your company:

Less sick leave

Better work


Understanding the individual and

company goals

Get better

company results

Your employees

choosing your

company again


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