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I used to be very insecure and even better at hiding it from others.

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Being jealous of others because I thought they were better than me or judging others as I thought I was better than them. I was emotionally dependent on others to make me happy and feel better about myself.


Changing jobs and moving houses was more like a hobby because I didn´t know what I was good at and where I wanted to go.


Why? Because I never took the time and effort to actually sit down and take a decent look at myself. Too good at keeping myself busy with work and my rich social life. 


What I did was following what was logical in society, what my family was doing or what my friends were going for together with my fear of rejection which led me to not knowing, loving or feeling good about myself.


Saying no was equal to being rude. Being vulnerable or showing too much love was weak. Nobody really knew what was going on in my troubled, scared and confused head because no one could see it from the outside.

The breaking point was in 2012 when I lost everything;

my relationship, my job, and my house while being in a foreign country. These 3 things gave me so much stability and happiness and they were all gone at the same time. I felt lonely, lost, and confused not knowing what to do. 

From that low point in my life, I asked myself “What can I do about this?” A total white page to write the way I wanted it to be, not society, not my family, not my surroundings. Just me. This was the start of my inner work, the opportunity of a new start on all levels.

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Feeling perfectly imperfect, and loving & laughing with myself when I screw it up again instead of beating myself up. Life is short, so I´ve chosen to make it fun and show others to do the same. That was the foundation of starting my own business as a Liberty Coach. Helping people all over the world to know themselves truly, to give them the confidence to show up for themselves fully, and provide them with the tools to grow themselves beautifully. This is not a job, this is my life mission!

After almost 10 years of inner work (and still counting), I finally feel free to be me. I have accepted all of me, even the parts I wasn´t proud of before.


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